Video Production Services in Lancaster and the Antelope Valley

Visual media is essential for capturing the attention of your audience, raising brand awareness, and engaging with high-value in-market audiences.

PlanetOther is a digital cinema/video production business in Lancaster, CA that offers high-quality creative content.

PlanetOther Services

Business, Corporate Video

Commercials, Marketing, Promotions

Aerial/Drone Videography

Event Videography

Music Videos

News Coverage (ENG)

PlanetOther utilizes current video production equipment that is ideal for many project types. UHD 4K capture, Wireless Audio, Lighting, and more!

But why use video for your business?

Brand Awareness

Consistent visual content increases the familiarity of your brand. Just like any new business or project, it's important lift brand awareness. And what better way than video?

Creative Content

Not only does your content need to be informative, valuable, and engaging, it also needs to stand out from the rest. PlanetOther believes in producing video content that does just that.

Value to Audience

Providing content that holds informative, educational, and entertaining value keeps your audience wanting more.

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