Transmission Log

It’s the golden age of video camera technology (and why it doesn’t matter).

From Celluloid Film to 4k Believe it or not, filmmaking is still considered a new art form; debuting over a century ago with celluloid film and cameras that were hand cranked. It was a strenuous process to shoot and edit. Not to mentioned, expensive. Today, we are given so many capable options, it’s really hard […]

Transmission Log Updates

PlanetOther is on this website called YouTube!

Humans like videos, and they like the internet! Videos are played on the internet on a website called YouTube! PlanetOther makes videos, they are on YouTube now!  PlanetOther is utilizing YouTube as both a show reel for the services we provide; but also as an outlet for creative content in the form of in-house shows. […]

Post-Production Transmission Log

Video Editing Organization/Workflow (Premiere Pro)

You’ve worked with like-minded people towards a common goal: to create a film/video that will be shared with the world. It’s a fulfilling accomplishment. But now production is over, and it’s time to edit. If you are on a low-budget project, it’ll likely be you doing it. Much like a digital artist and blank Photoshop […]